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Windson Technology is referred as "Knowledge Processing Outsourcing". Windson Technology is one step ahead of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO). BPO industry turning into Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Windson Technology Industry handling more high skilled work than BPO Industry. Windson Technology helps companies to create huge business opportunities. Windson Technology firms provide domain-based processes and business expertise,rather than just process expertise.

Intellectual Property Research, Pharmaceuticals Services, Medical Content & Services and Writing Services are typical Windson Technology Services. In today's generation Windson Technology has lead in outsourcing business. Windson Technology service providers also face various challenges. The Knowledge Process Outsourcing is becoming the high valuable interests of companies for their business strategies and protection.

Windson Technology massive academic structure VIIT, is a centre of excellence in value based Education, Training, Research & Consultancy. The institute has been successfully growing & molding the students into complete individuals who are competent energy in meeting global industry challenges.

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Windson Technology

Flat No. 404, 4th Floor,
6-3-665, Prestige Rai Towers,
Punjagutta, Hyderabad – 500082

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