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Information Technology

We at Windson Technology, an Information Technology solutions company , located in Hyderabad, India partner with clients,high end software sales,HR  companies around the world to provide services and sell technology product to our Indian Customers.

We believe in the power of creativity. And we take a creative approach to address the needs of a better tomorrow. Our philosophy is to power creative solutions.

Our rich domain expertise that spans across verticals and industries helps us gain sharper insights into customer needs. Our philosophy helps us with a fresh perspective. The result – relevant creative solutions for customers’ complex needs.

Finance Technology

What are your plans for the future? What is your level of risk tolerance? Do you want to build up wealth slowly and steadily, see it grow quickly, or protect yourself against any eventualities? And last but certainly not least, how are you doing at the present time? The thing that makes our investment advice so unique is that we always take plenty of time for personal contact with you. Only in this way can we understand not only your financial but also your personal goals. Then we can direct our knowledge and expertise towards your specific requirements.


The standard for publication inInformation Technology & Tourism is that a paper must make a substantive contribution to the understanding of the nature and/or role of technology within the context of tourism and hospitality.

Proposed projects should fall under one of the following categor​ies:

  • Innovation - Test-bedding of cutting-edge technology and/or the innovative application of existing technology to benefit tourism businesses;
  • Visitor Experience - Tourism businesses leveraging technology to enhance the visitor experience; or
  • Productivity - Tourism businesses implementing technology to improve productivity and reduce reliance on manpower.

Environmental Technology

We specialize in environmental treatment & recycling systems for the chemical, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, solar supply chain, mining and oil & gas industries.

Our manufacturing division, atea Composite, specialises in the design and manufacture of tanks, vessels, piping systems and custom designed process equipment particularly for high temperature, pressure and corrosive media and utilises FRP, FRP and thermoplastic and advanced composite materials.

Environmental Technology is an emerging field that is science based and interfaces the study of environmental policy & law, renewable energy, sustainability, environmental assessment, hazardous materials management, and environmental management systems. Through hands-on experiences, students apply classroom knowledge to effectively solve environmental problems using monitoring, assessment, management, and communication. The focus of these experiences is to manage environmental challenges in air, water, soil/sediment, and natural systems, using modern tools and technologies. 




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